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Hailey J. Ryle, PT, DPT


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy targets the pelvic floor muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, all of which work together to support the pelvic organs, contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm, and assist in bladder and bowel control. The tissues are attached to the pelvis, tailbone and sacrum and are coordinated to support the urinary and reproductive tract, including the uterus, prostate, bladder, rectum, urethra, and vagina. They provide pelvic stability and promote proper function of pelvic organs, such as sexual and voiding function, together with posture and breathing. When pelvic muscles fail to work as they should, pain and symptoms that interfere with normal functioning occur.

  • I will complete an initial evaluation to determine the best treatment.

    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • Follow up appointments help me to check your progress.

    1 hr
    125 US dollars
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I earned my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Idaho State University, and went on to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of Mary, located in North Dakota, Graduating in 2018.

I have been practicing physical therapy for a little over 3 years. During this time I have completed all the continuing education classes currently available for treatment of the pelvic floor. This is my area of specialty, and I am very passionate about helping all those who suffer with pelvic floor conditions. My latest area of focus and passion is post-partum women. This is what drove me to start my own business. Currently there is little help readily offered for women following the pregnancy and delivery of their babies, this is something I would like to see changed. My goal is to provide post-partum care at the convenience of new mothers. A simple hour-long evaluation can help direct women in the right direction and prevent them from injury and issues in the future!

If you or someone you know is suffering from one of the below diagnosis or is experiencing symptoms consistent with the information below, then please reach out!

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